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why is this not working : +SUMPRODUCT(--(A2:A9=M1), --(B2:B9>=EDATE(TODAY(),-M2)),D2:D9,C2:C9)/SUMIFS(D2:D9,A2:A9,M1,B2:B9,>EDATE(TODAY(),-M2))
Solved by Z. A. in 24 mins
hey, I am trying to integrate the EDATE function with an IF statement. On an income sheet, I want to be able to automatically populate the estimated figures for a job, using the variables Net Fee, Current Date, Comm Start Date and Contract Length. So for each month, currently there's a formula that says =IF(MONTH(Current Date)=MONTH(EDATE(Comm Start Date, Contract Length)), Net Fee, 0) But this doesn't then continue displaying the Net Fee for the rest of months. What I would like it to do is: =IF(MONTH(Current Date)=MONTH(EDATE(Comm Start Date, [Any number between 0 and Contract Length])), Net Fee, 0) How is this possible?
Solved by E. Q. in 29 mins
I need a long if statement essentially. If A1 says SPC, I want to add b2 to b3, AND b4 to b5 (both are dates plus months so I assume edate function), Then I want the greatest number to be displayed. But i need that formula for various text statements in Column A. Can this be done in one formula?
Solved by E. U. in 20 mins
=COUNTIFS(Dates,">="&A20,Dates,"<="&EDATE(A21,0),Depot,"="&"Carina",Missed_Trip,"="&"Bus Breakdown/Defective/No Fuel") This returns a #Value! error no matter what we do :-(
Solved by I. F. in 14 mins
I have a conditional format for a schedule in excel. I want certain columns to turn different colours based on dates however my formulas are all based on months and I cannot get them to change to per days. My current formula is:=NOT(AND($C7>=E$4,$B7<EDATE(E$4,1)))
Solved by F. C. in 30 mins