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Need help with setting up Straight Line Depreciation, Double Declining Balance, and Sum of Year Digits in excel
Solved by K. L. in 23 mins
In cell B7, enter a formula using the function for the Double-declining balance depreciation method. Use the cell names Cost and Salvage for the Cost and Salvage function arguments. Use the appropriate cell reference for the Life argument. Use the appropriate cell reference for the Period argument. Be sure to use the appropriate cell reference types to allow you to copy the formula to the rest of the column. Use a multiplier of 3.
Solved by G. U. in 26 mins
I need a help with a Double Declining Balance schedule not using the DDB function. I have it set to adjust to variables like useful life, cost, and salvage value, but I'm wanting it to cut off the Book value and return blank when it reaches the salvage value, but for some reason it returns a #Value! after the second row of returning blank.
Solved by K. L. in 27 mins
Use the Depreciation function in cell D13 to calculate depreciation based on the Total Estimated Value on All Items (cell D14) and the Depreciation Rate (D12).
Solved by X. W. in 28 mins
Use the VBA Editor to create a new module. Function Depreciation (Value, Rate) Depreciation = Value * Rate End Function
Solved by G. S. in 30 mins