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I need a formula that rank using excel, will allow me to rank highest degree type obtained by students. some students have multiple (masters, bachelors), but this varies person by person. so the two fields i have are name and education degree type
Solved by I. W. in 20 mins
I need to plot some data on a 360 degree polar graph. The equipment has already given me all the data I need (Amount and Angle) I just can't get excel to plot it that way.
Solved by F. A. in 20 mins
I Need a formula to only select certain data in a string of a text which a degree I have used mid formula i.e. Column 1 / row1 has 23 2 4 78 8 5 row 2 - 2 1 16 34 9 77 how do I only specifically select the 3 & 4 numbers?
Solved by S. S. in 13 mins
I cut boards into wedge shaped pieces. I start with a 0.75 inch thick by 4 inch wide board 24 inches long. The cut is at 11.25 degrees. The widest part of the wedge is 0.4 inches. Can Excel calculate how long my board needs to be to cut 16 wedges? The board thickness, degree of cut, width of wedge, and number of wedges can change depending on the project. HELP:-)
Solved by Z. S. in 13 mins
hello, I work in a college and my boss is trying to create a formula that takes the graduation date and subtracts the admit date to get the number of terms it took to complete a degree. this sounded easy however the dates are not in typical excel format. The registrars office uses the year followed by term. fall term=01, Winter=02, Spring=03, Summer = 04. EX: 201801 (fall term 2018) im not sure if it is possible but my boss wants to create a formula that will take EX: grad date 200304 - Admit date 200204 = #terms (4/year) (in this case it would =4)
Solved by O. B. in 20 mins