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I have a current formula I'm using thats converting hours worked into decimals - ie; 53 hours 49 minutes > 53.81667 How do I add to the formula so its only showing 53.81 =VALUE(MID(A1,1,FIND(":",A1,1)-1))+VALUE(MID(A1,FIND(":",A1,1)+1,LEN(A1)))/60
Solved by G. A. in 26 mins
i need help adding up my hours in my billg worksheet. i enter hours both in the "time Entries' and "Bill" sheets. The time is in hours and minutes, so 1.45 is 1 hour and 45 minutes, but in the billing sheet its adding the time up in decimals, so in other words if i enter 1.45 + 1.20, excel will total it as 2.65, and it should be 3.05.
Solved by G. C. in 12 mins
x axis and y axis question related.N decimals allowed
Solved by C. L. in 20 mins
I use Excel in Office 365. When I enter a calculation in a cell, the cell being formatted at %, Excel automatically expands the numebr decimals and widens the column width. How can I stop this? I notices when I look into number formats, custom formats there is a custom % format with over 10 decimals. I deleted this custom format. The I entered the same calculation and again Excel expands the decimals and widens the column. When I check custom number formats, Excel has added back the % format with over 10 decimals. How can I stop Excel from adding decimals and widening the column?
Solved by C. C. in 17 mins
Format the entire worksheet as Comma format, zero decimals
Solved by I. D. in 15 mins