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If column F = Small column J will be date from column H minus 60 days If Column F = Medium Column J will be date from column H minus 120 days If Column F = Large column J will be date from Column H minus 180 days
Solved by A. A. in 24 mins
I need a formula on date comparision. Eg : Date of Hiring Manager Review submission minus Date of HM Not qualified the candidate or Proceed for Interview
Solved by K. L. in 28 mins
I need a formula to have a date at the top of Column D and minus dates from Column C give me a total in Column D.
Solved by M. W. in 12 mins
Hello, i need a formula in excel where i can put any number for example, assume target is 100 for month and i want to keep record on daily basis, like on first day sales man completed 10 and i want to minus it from total 100 and i do minus in next row and answer will come and same thing so on till last date of month.
Solved by K. A. in 27 mins
I need a formula to calculate time spent (in number of days) in current status. I have 14 different 'status' columns where dates will be populated (as the item progresses through the status categories). Therefore, I need a formula to calculate today's date minus the most current status to display in number of days (but if the last status column is blank then it needs to take today's date minus the previous status category and so on).
Solved by M. E. in 20 mins