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I use Excel in Office 365. When I enter a calculation in a cell, the cell being formatted at %, Excel automatically expands the numebr decimals and widens the column width. How can I stop this? I notices when I look into number formats, custom formats there is a custom % format with over 10 decimals. I deleted this custom format. The I entered the same calculation and again Excel expands the decimals and widens the column. When I check custom number formats, Excel has added back the % format with over 10 decimals. How can I stop Excel from adding decimals and widening the column?
Solved by C. C. in 17 mins
Have Excel 2011 version. Need to choose hex color and enter number. Cannot locate custom option when choosing more colors on paint bucket
Solved by T. S. in 27 mins
I have what I hope is an easy problem to resolve. I create spreadsheets with the format I require usually including fill color in some cells. When I open the file later all of the custom formatting has disappeared. The cells with color now have no color. The columns that I set at 20 ends up back to the default width. How can I ensure that these custom formats are retained?
Solved by M. J. in 14 mins
cannot do custom error bars in excel 2008
Solved by B. B. in 17 mins
hi, I'm trying to enter a number in a 2016 excel. the number has a zero at the start and I need the format to remain as a number, not a text, special or custom setting. eg 0322151454 without losing the zero at the start. thank you
Solved by C. B. in 21 mins