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hello i have the range of dates and the range of serial numbers respective to the date. I want to find what is the last recorded date of repeated serial number from date range.
Solved by C. Y. in 18 mins
I need to use IF function with 3 conditions: 1) to multiply the number by the serial row with the last number of the date column. 2) to continue the process, with next batch of numbers, with similar criteria 3) to ignore the second last serial column (serial), before the date column data (left to right)
Solved by I. J. in 18 mins
I have a list of dates which have serial number as such 517 and 1006 which I have custom formatted as 05/1/17 and 10/1/06. However, I also need to use the "true" serial numbers of 42856 and 38991 in calculations. The problem is that all formulas read the original serial numbers instead of the true serial numbers. How can I convert the 517 to 42856?
Solved by E. H. in 17 mins
i need a formula to give continues serial number in different coloumns ina excel sheet
Solved by G. S. in 28 mins
need a formula to convert the following number to date/time 8,887,541,670,000
Solved by D. B. in 13 mins