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I need help with a multi column combo box, where the data from the second column automatically populates the second combo box
Solved by Z. Q. in 21 mins
Hello, I am trying to use a combo box to autocomplete validated lists in a worksheet. I have included a macro which works well with text, however there is a problem when the combo box is used to autocomplete list of dates. How can I make sure that the combo box works for both the lists of text and the list of dates?
Solved by G. H. in 15 mins
searchable drop down list without combo box to show items starting with same letter
Solved by B. B. in 18 mins
Hi there, I am having an issue with multi column combo boxes in VBA. I have one combo box showing 2 columns of data from lists set up in Excel (Client ID and Region). I have a second combo box below to select region, but I want it to be automatically populated the minute the Client ID is selected... still keeping the combo box which can be changed. This is the code I used which keeps getting the 381 error not being able to locae the column loaction: Private Sub cboclientproject_Afterupdate() Me.cboregion = Me.cboclientproject.Column(1) End Sub
Solved by I. B. in 19 mins
I need help to replace a drop-down menu on the INFO tab with a combo box.
Solved by O. E. in 14 mins