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I have a column of formulas, i.e., =Combined!B2, =Combined!C2, and I need to copy the exact formula from each cell to the next column so that the next column also reads =Combined!B2, =Combined!C2. How do I accomplish this without having to preform 72 different copy/pastes?
Solved by A. J. in 30 mins
I need help with excel formula to calculate time worked. Have LC Position and GC Position. LC Position is sometimes combined with GC Position, but they still need credit for working LC Position when combined with GC Position.
Solved by Z. D. in 28 mins
i need to combined both my sumif formula and vlookup formula that i have in the file but separate
Solved by D. S. in 13 mins
i need to make 4 (four) =if(and formula, when i make it one by one, they work, when i combined all those 3, it works, but then i combined all of 4, error: =IF(AND(C34>0,C34<=50000000),C34*5%,IF(AND(C34>50000000,C34<=250000000),(50000000*5%)+(C34-50000000)*15%,IF(AND(C34>250000000,C34<=500000000),((50000000*5%)+((250000000-50000000)*15%)+((C34-250000000)*25%,IF(AND(C34>500000000),((50000000*5%)+((250000000-50000000)*15%)+(C34-250000000)*25%)+(C34-500000000)*35%)))))) please kindly check my formula
Solved by S. J. in 16 mins
quick formula to remove a coma at the end of two combined cells
Solved by M. L. in 17 mins