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Hi, I need help with my pivot table. My table is totaling the number of hours worked per week and the total cost. However, I can not figure out how to also get a total for the number of week each employee worked. Can you help Row Labels Sum of Cost Sum of Actual Hours Adrienne Avery $26,458.82 489 8/16/2016 - 8/22/2016 $25.00 0.5 8/23/2016 - 8/29/2016 $92.50 1.5 8/30/2016 - 9/5/2016 $202.50 3 9/6/2016 - 9/12/2016 $352.50 6 9/13/2016 - 9/19/2016 $185.00 3 9/20/2016 - 9/26/2016 $160.00 2.5 9/27/2016 - 10/3/2016 $242.50 4.5 10/4/2016 - 10/10/2016 $451.25 6.5 10/11/2016 - 10/17/2016 $345.00 5.5 10/18/2016 - 10/24/2016 $497.50 14 10/25/2016 - 10/31/2016 $540.00 18
Solved by M. A. in 27 mins
how do I combine multiple dates in one column with associated sales numbers in another so I can get daily sales totals as one number (not 15 individual transactions? 07/13/2016 31.93 07/13/2016 53.77 07/13/2016 291.73 07/13/2016 45.89 07/14/2016 46.35 07/14/2016 0.01 07/14/2016 2,024.11 07/14/2016 325.00 07/14/2016 24.98
Solved by A. H. in 28 mins
I had help yesterday in setting up a formula to auto fill blocks based on a cell with a date & a cell with an amount of days. This formula is perfect, but for me, it has one issue. My team calendar & project calendar only has week days. Is there a way to tweek the formula to take this into account?
Solved by S. U. in 20 mins
I made a schedule on a worksheet that has names of workers across the top, then under their names has their work times for a two week period (1 pay period). I want to pull each row of that information to a calendar so if employee "a" "c" and "f" is working it adds their name to a calendar coinciding with that date with their time in and time out. So when I look at the calendar it says on this day these three people are working with their assigned times.
Solved by G. A. in 30 mins
I know how to make a forumal change weekly with fixed numbers but how do you make it change with numbers that change weekly? For example: =8*'sheetname'!$A$1 What if the 8 wasn't the same every week?
Solved by Z. U. in 13 mins