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Let the user specify a range to apply conditional formatting . Overflow all cells in the range and apply the following formatting: a. Cell value <0: Comic Sans MS font, size 18, underlined, red font color b. Cell value tss 0 and 500: Bold, italic and underlined c. Cell value tss 501 and 1000: Font Monotype Corsiva, double underlined, blue letter color d. Cell value> 1000: Font Arial, bold, italic, background cell green, white font color
Solved by D. D. in 30 mins
How do I create a function to replicate text in a cell if a preceding cell has text that is BOLD?
Solved by O. H. in 13 mins
Thanks to some amazing collaborations I am now in the final straight. The script I wanted to extract is in its penultimate form. It just needs the sections in Dark Blue Bold converted to Dark Blue Italic, not bold. I also have been brilliantly advised to paste to Word thus avoiding Excel's pitfalls! That is not profound, but sometimes it take a second look for one to see what is obvious! Thanks to all who have helped on this today!
Solved by C. H. in 25 mins
How can I retain superscript and italic formatting in mail merge?
Solved by G. W. in 16 mins
I am creating an excel chart. One column is a yes or no answer. If yes is typed into the cell, I would like it to bold all the text in that particular row or highlight that row. Is that possible?
Solved by C. C. in 20 mins