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10 percent of the products manufactured are defective. Assuming a binomial probability distribution, calculate the probability of exactly 4% parts being defective. Determine the distribution of defective parts.
Solved by A. J. in 25 mins
Need help with Binomial Distribution Formula. the question asks if I roll a 6-sided die 50 times what is the probability of A) rolling AT LEAST 10 fives, B) rolling NO MORE THAN 15 fives C) rolling MORE than 10 fives, but FEWER than 20. I just need help with the number of successes in the Binomial Distribution formula, everything else I understand
Solved by I. Q. in 22 mins
In cell B5 in the ticket worksheet, calculate the probability of there being exactly 0 successes using the binomial distribution function. Format the cell as Percent Style number formatting with 3 decimal places.
Solved by B. B. in 12 mins
Hi I'm having trouble with Binomial and Trinomial trees in excel. I need to find the mean and standard deviation for them using factorial formulas, but that is where my understanding of excel is letting me down.
Solved by M. F. in 12 mins
Solve the following Excel problem using the Poisson distribution
Solved by C. S. in 25 mins