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I need to construct a loan amortisation schedule, with columns including balance beginning of month, interest, repayment and balance end of month
Solved by V. H. in 13 mins
In my budget sheet, each month I would type the category ending balance (Car, Health, Clothes, etc.) into the beginning cell of that category before entering expense or deposit figures for the new month then my formula would give me the new balance. Now it won't let me do that. When I place my cursor over the beginning balance wanting to type in the previous months ending balance it won's let me do that WHY?
Solved by Z. E. in 24 mins
I am working on a formula to calculate pay. However I want to ensure it accurately takes into consideration start date and number of days before the end of the period (month). I currently have a formula in there and it is doing the calculate based on weeks (assumption they start at the beginning of the month), however, if someone starts in the middle of the month, I need it to calculate the hire date through the end of the month. I have the cells i'm working on highlighted in red.
Solved by X. W. in 23 mins
Hi, I need your help. I have a zip code column on an excel spreadsheet and what I want to do is for the zeros to show up at the beginning of each zip code. Whenever I enter the Zip code excel always hides the zero at the beginning. Let me know what I need to do. Thank you
Solved by T. H. in 22 mins
Wanted: Excel formula to calculate number of months my savings will last given the following: 2.25 apy interest rate, $230,000 beginning nest egg, $862 monthly withdrawal, 3.5% annual inflation of withdrawal.
Solved by S. C. in 14 mins