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What formula should I use to get an average of a group of averages. I have data that averages daily data by the day (say data collected on Monday); then data averaged each day of the weel (Tuesday's data, then Wednesdays data, etc. etc. for each day of the week. Now I want to AVERAGE the averages collected for each day of the week to arrive at a WEEKLY average.,. but I can only get a error in the final weekly average cell. This is the formula I jave been ising: =AVERAGEIF(N121:T121,"<>0") What am I doing wrong?
Solved by F. S. in 30 mins
I want =AVERAGE to change the number of cells it averages based on the value of another cell
Solved by O. E. in 17 mins
I have used the average button under the autosum drop down to get averages. Now I need to take those averages, and divide each number by 6, and make a new chart but I cannot copy paste the averages because they are formulas not numbers. I get #REF when i try to paste the averages in a new cell.
Solved by S. Q. in 27 mins
so i have a table made with names productivity numbers and averages in a total row, i am trying to highlight their names if their number is less than one of the average
Solved by C. C. in 23 mins
Needing help with averages where depending on the criteria defined- it may draw the averages from either of 2 sets of cell ranges
Solved by D. L. in 17 mins