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I need to return to the next line in the same cell. On a PC you hold Alt and hit return. How do you do that on a Mac?
Solved by M. U. in 18 mins
=IF(AND(F4>O4,G4<P4),IF(OR(E4>(F4-(F4-G4)*0.25),E4<(G4+(F4-G4)*0.25),"TRUE")) formula help
Solved by X. Q. in 30 mins
This wont work why? =Ifs(F4>100 "Achieved Standard, F4=100 ,"Achieved Standard, F4<100,"Not Achieved Standard)
Solved by D. E. in 29 mins
Hi, I'm trying to use the IF-AND formula to return an value from two cells in excel but can't get it to work so could someone take a look and advise please? So far I have got - =IF((AND (E4 =“2”,F4<0.6),“£45”, IF((AND (E4 =“2”,F4>0.6),“£60”, IF((AND (E4 =“2”,F4>1),“£85”, IF((AND (E4 =“1”, F4<0.1),“£12”, IF((AND (E4 =“1”, F4<0.15),“£15”, IF((AND (E4 =“1”, F4<0.175),“£18”, IF((AND (E4 =“1”, F4>0.176),“£24”, IF((AND (E4 =“Courier”, F4<0.1),“£12”, IF((AND (E4 =“Courier”, F4 <0.15),“£15”, IF((AND (E4 =“Courier”, F4 <0.175),“£18”, IF((AND (E4 =“Courier”, F4 >0.176),“£24”))))))))))))))))))))))
Solved by A. L. in 22 mins
How can I sum cells numbers by color I ready tried with ALT+F11 but after that can fallow next step
Solved by C. Q. in 27 mins