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Need to know how I could use secondary axis option in Excel 2010?
Solved by F. B. in 29 mins
I'm trying to add a secondary axis to my chart but the option is not there
Solved by I. Q. in 25 mins
Hi, I have two series for x axis and I want to plot them with a "shared y axis". Secondary axis will not help me because I want to have the same y axis. Is there any way to plot 2 x axis with shared y axis?
Solved by K. L. in 15 mins
Hi, I have created a Pivot Chart with a secondary axis the way I want it. When I refresh (including adding or changing) the data in the associated table, I have a problem with the secondary axis dropping as well as the chart losing all the design. I think the issue with the table losing the axis was related to having filtered data during the refresh, so I believe I have resolved that problem. The chart however is still losing my design. I have save the chart as a template and I'm still having the same issue. Any suggestions?
Solved by I. B. in 18 mins
I need a formula to create a time series line chart with 3 categories with 1 on a primary vertical axis and the second and third catefory data on a secondary vertical axis.
Solved by E. A. in 29 mins