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I need to export a spreadsheet to csv with the leading zero remaining in tact. Right now the leading zero does not stay.
Solved by D. U. in 20 mins
How can I put a number in a Excel spread sheet with a leading zero?
Solved by I. U. in 25 mins
Hello - how do I add leading zeros to a cell reference from another sheet?
Solved by Z. U. in 29 mins
I have bank accounts in a CSV file. I need to import these into my accounting package. However, I first have to add an extra 0 as the third to last digit but also not loose the leading zero. I am unsure if I also need the dashes so have to be able to get both results. I currently have 15 digits and need 16. So have: 134091100000125 s/be either 1340911000001025 or 13-4091-1000001-025 076421156546550 s/be either 0764211565465050 or 07-6421-1565465-050 I have tried the replace formula to get the extra zero but it dropped the leading zeros if there was one and, for those that had a leading zero, but the additional zero in the wrong place.
Solved by O. F. in 14 mins
I have a column with 13 numerical digits in it. In the next column I want to have the same value but the leading zero removed from the string.
Solved by F. D. in 21 mins