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I need a formulaic way of calculating differences between interest rates over time and if the difference from the starting date til the latest date exceeds 0.1, then the difference calculation needs to be updated so that the new start date becomes the latest date......needs to do this so every time the difference is greater than 0.1 the calculation updates. I'm using daily data. If the difference is less than 0.1 then the calculation keeps referencing the old start date for the subtraction
Solved by I. L. in 15 mins
In the range B9:B16, enter varying interest rates in decrements of .5% beginning with 7.0% and ending with 3.5%. If necessary format all the interest rates with two decimal places, and then bold and center the range.
Solved by D. F. in 12 mins
I am looking for a formula which can look up leasing month and term in one tab and interest rate from other tab using same month and term criteria. Please Help!!!!
Solved by B. L. in 11 mins
I am trying to pull interest rate in data file by matching the program month and term in both tabs. Please Help!!!!!
Solved by X. W. in 27 mins
On the HomeLoan worksheet, in cell A10, enter a reference to the monthly payment from column B. Create a one-variable data table for the range A9:H10 using the interest rate from column B as the Row input cell.
Solved by I. L. in 29 mins
I am using Match and index function to locate interest rate in one tab by looking up the date (mm-yy). but the formula returns N/A when I use mid month date. Please Help!!!
Solved by X. W. in 28 mins
In cell F4, enter a Lookup function to display the interest rate of the loan. The function should reference the borrower’s credit rating and the table array in range A15:C18. Include the range_lookup argument to ensure an exact match.
Solved by X. Y. in 30 mins
Could someone help me in excel answer a few questions then send the spreadsheet to me? Thanks. I will list the rubic that has the problems. 3. Total Financed Amount after renovation is Correct 4. Monthly Interest on Construction Loan 5. Monthly Mortgage Payment 6. 15 year cash flow is correct 6. Occupancy required to break even is correct 7. NPV correct at discount rate of 2% 8. Months to Breakeven 9. Interest rate would a competing investment have to have to equal the apartment house
Solved by M. U. in 12 mins
How to calcylate interest rate. I'm trying to figure out a interest rate over 10 years at 7% and initial investment of 5000.... cant seem to get the absolute formula to work
Solved by A. E. in 24 mins
I'm building a calculator to find out what how much income an investor receives when they take a loan against their investment. "Cash value" is the balance of the investment, annual policy loan and annual collateral loan is the amount they take out with the interest rate indicated. Is there anyway I can find out how to solve for the maximum income someone can take out without the "net cash value after loans" being negative?
Solved by S. A. in 22 mins