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I have sales by branch workbook and I am trying to create a macro I can use every month for sales tax reporting. Some months I dont always have the same branches is there a formula to pull in the branches that are listed for that month only?
Solved by B. B. in 19 mins
I have a file with A LOT of code that I need to debug. I usually will do F8 to step through to help me write code and edit it but it tkaes me a good 45 minutes to step through to the point in the code that I want to work through. is there a code or a keyboard button that will allow the code to run as usual to go past the code I am not working on, pause at the point I want to work on and allow me to F8 step though that?
Solved by T. D. in 22 mins
Business Spread sheet. Need Help Create a pie chart to show the initial cost totals by department. You may create a set of summary data to the right of the current data to use for the creation of your chart.
Solved by T. U. in 15 mins
Hello, My excel wont let me open any files - it just chimes without an error message.
Solved by E. C. in 18 mins
Hi I want to populate blank cells on a spreadsheet with N/A can you tell me know to do this easily? Many thanks
Solved by D. U. in 23 mins
I would like to have the following made into a chart. 4x4 each square divided into 4 The total value is 512 and each quarter square has a value of 4. I would like to enter a hex number to create the decimal.
Solved by A. U. in 14 mins
Hi i need help solving an over payment issue. over paid a monthly amount for 10 years and need to charge 8% statutory interest on each month over that 10 year period. please help
Solved by S. S. in 29 mins
got an issue when applying a filter OFFCAT finds no issues
Solved by V. L. in 26 mins
I need help in creating Task Management sheet. I have employees I want to track their tasks, pls help me
Solved by T. A. in 20 mins
I need a formula with multiple arguments that calculates when someone is eligible for an ESOP distribution. They have to have been in the plan for 10 years, and be 55 years old.
Solved by K. S. in 21 mins