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Here are some problems that our users have asked and received explanations on

I need help with a formula to get the difference between 2 cell and if the cell is empty get the difference between the next populated cell above it. I would like this to be a template for future use.
Solved by G. Q. in 22 mins
I need help drawing a couple of graphs, one which has two different sets of data on the same axis.
Solved by E. A. in 25 mins
I need a formula to count days from an historic date to current date
Solved by T. Q. in 23 mins
I would like to create the formulas for higher-power regressions (2nd power, 3rd power, 4th power). I can see the formulas on the charts, but I want the coefficients to be automatically placed into cells so I can use the formulas in my tables.
Solved by B. Y. in 22 mins
I am trying to multiply quantity times price times taxes and get the total. Example I4*M4*Q4 =U4.
Solved by A. S. in 12 mins
I need a way of putting in a footer that covers the whole page in excel
Solved by B. U. in 19 mins
I need some help with outlook recent search in my inbox I do not want to see it others to see it for confidential reasons
Solved by G. L. in 25 mins
I need a number of columns consolidated into one large column, skipping the blank cells, needs to be editable
Solved by X. J. in 22 mins
help me for home work I need to generate 5 different graph as mentioned
Solved by K. Q. in 13 mins
I'm having trouble calculating partial years on a compound interest calculator and need assistance.
Solved by A. A. in 28 mins