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Hi I would like to find a formula to provide list of separate different items from 1 cell when they are only separated by /
Solved by X. D. in 25 mins
I have two excel files. which are supposed to have exact same data. I'd like to see which ones are missing or different the V8 is the prime file and v10
Solved by S. U. in 12 mins
Hi I need help with Probability percentages. I want to weight Q4 2018; Q12019, Q22019, Q32019, Q42019 probability (%) of close based on the month of close. For example the least probability % of close would be in December 2019 (Q42019). The greatest (100% of close) would be October 2018 (Q42018).
Solved by B. F. in 12 mins
I need to know how to change the price of the car
Solved by V. W. in 11 mins
Hello, I have a data set on excel formed of numbers ranging from one to six based on customer feedback. How do I tabulate this into a bar chart? or even better how can extrapolate this data showing me how many people chose each of the numbers
Solved by S. D. in 22 mins
How can I change the axis range on iPad ?
Solved by S. S. in 23 mins
i am having problems with a multiple criteria array formula between separate sheets, please help
Solved by B. F. in 17 mins
I have Microsoft 365 Home Excel on my Windows 10 laptop. I have a stock spreadsheet with downloads from brokerage firms to meld into into it.. But I have a version of Windows Excel 2007 on my desktop. I am having problems transfering the spreadsheet file to my desktop. It probably nees to be updated. How do I do this?
Solved by E. J. in 13 mins
Hi, I need to find some functions on this file, could you help me?
Solved by T. J. in 15 mins
excell shut down and saved files; now in recovery and saved files but can't exit recovery. eah time try to use any Excell files they immediately close an save?
Solved by B. J. in 30 mins