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How do I make a cell show (List #1) IF (Condition #1 is met), BUT Show (List # 2) IF (Condition # 2 is met)? So on, and so on. I have about 50 Different list's I want a single cell to show, Depending on the conditions in the cell's above it. I tried entering my formula into the Data Validation, but that only accepts a single formula (No Nesting) Please help. Thanks :)
Solved by I. J. in 18 mins
I have an excel sheet that is saved in .xlsx format. on sheet 1 has 4 pivot tables that update with data dynamically. i've named those columns and used data validation named range in dependent data validation drop downs on sheet 2 ( 4 of them) in a table. The drop downs work correctly up until the point when i reopen the book. the two drop downs to the right of the table still show but my lists do not pop-up for those. when i go to the data validation options for that cell and not change the formula but just press "ok" , the drop down works again.
Solved by M. E. in 29 mins
I used Data validation to only allow numbers in cell. so it works when I type a text and it throws an error. But when I copy paste text it still allows me to do so. how do I stop pasting text into cells.
Solved by S. W. in 20 mins
I have multiple cells constricted with data validation that I want to use a VLOOKUP formula for to pull data based on all 4 restrictions.
Solved by E. Q. in 29 mins
Hi. Been on this problem for days now. Here is the formula I have managed to come up, it works ok and does what I need but I need the D3 and E3 to be referenced in the same way as the FEE_Table as when I . For instance when I select a value from the data validation list in Y2, if the value in AA2 is blank it returns value from Postage!D3, but if not it returns value from Postage!E3. These D3 & E3 values are in the same FEE_Table. So am hoping there is some way I can include in the IF function another Vlookup which chooses the value I want. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks =VLOOKUP(Y2,FEE_Table,4,0)+IF(AA2="",Postage!D3,Postage!E3)
Solved by M. A. in 21 mins
Hello. I need to be able to be able to automatically copy data from one column into another based on a set of data validation values (i.e. 8 values = 8 columns). So, if the data i need to copy is cell A2, the value is in A1 and dependant on the value the data would go to a cell in the range A3:A9. If you can help would be much appreciated!
Solved by F. L. in 29 mins
I was wondering if it is possible to create a table from multiple cells and a data validation drop down. Our company's daily report contains an area where we list adjustments and the reasons why. Our home office would like a way to track how many times per month we are adjusting for specific reasons. I was thinking that I can insert drop down menu in excel for each line of adjustments so that my employees could just select the reason and excel would use the amount of adjustment in the cell next to the drop down menu to populate in my table. I was thinking I would need an =IF formula but I am inexperienced in doing that specific formula
Solved by A. C. in 29 mins
I Have put data validation of subjects in a cell, I need Highest Marks and Student Name to be populated when I select a particular subject.(and if more than one student have the same highest marks, than all the student names) The Subjects are in columns and Student Names are in rows.
Solved by T. J. in 25 mins
I have a table on one tab with a bunch of names, but the table also has 5 cells at the top that are set to equal whatever the user inputs into a cell on a different tab. I am having issues with custom formula data validation of those same user input cells. What I want is for the user's input into those cells to be limited so that it cannot be the same as any of the other strings in the table. I am currently trying to use =countif(table[row],userinput)<=1 as the formula but for some reason it isn't working. HELP!!!
Solved by G. J. in 12 mins
I am having issues with using Custom Data Validation to limit the user input in the following way: Tab 1 has a list (part of a table) on it with a number of text items, as well as 5 cells which are set to be equal to the user input from Tab 2. In Tab 2, I want to use custom data validation to prevent the user input from being equal to anything in the list in tab 1. I am currently trying to use =countif([list from tab 1],[user input from tab 2])<=1 as the formula but for some reason it isn't working. I know the formula is right because I tested it outside of data validation and it works. Does Custom Validation have a bug!?
Solved by D. D. in 28 mins