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I am trying to count the number of people that work at some point within two hour intervals. It doesn't matter whether they work for 30 minutes of the interval or throughout the whole thing. I've tried multiple times but the numbers are wrong a lot.
Solved by I. S. in 25 mins
Hello, I made a count down excel spreadsheet i want the days left to read Just ?? days left if its under 40 days how can i do this? im using this =IF(ISBLANK(C104),"",C104-TODAY())
Solved by X. S. in 19 mins
I'm have two columns with different values - one column has country names, another column has Y (or is blank). I want to find a formula to count the specific name if there if there is a Y in the same row as a country name.
Solved by B. J. in 19 mins
My sheet has donors details in and up to 30000 lines of data. I want to count the donations made for each individual person. Some make a few donations of a few pounds some make many donations of a few pounds, some make lots of donations of more money - so there is no set quantity. I have sorted by postcode - I thought if i could search down the post code, whilst ever a match - add the amount donated to a cell - when the field changes - total the cell. Next Would that work? Hope you can help us.
Solved by O. S. in 19 mins
Hello, My Spreadsheet contains data in the following manner Tab1 State City Generation Count Tab2 State City Generation Count I want to get a total count by looking up State, City, Generation from Tab1 and Tab2 i.e. if Tab1.state=Tab2.state and and Tab1.Generation=Tab2.Generation, then sum(Tab1.count,Tab2.count). This is for the entire column so basically an array
Solved by T. D. in 30 mins
Hi, I am trying to find common numbers for called/received phone numbers between different people in phone call data. I also trying to find a way to combine the total count of calling and receiving number between parties in pivot. At the moment it is separate and need to look at the numbers to match up. I can find the common numbers in a pivot, but real phone data has hundred of entries, the columns in pivot for receiving number cannot take so many entries. Need a simpler way to analyse the data.
Solved by Z. Q. in 17 mins
I have a start date and end date in 2 columns, I would like to create a Pivot Table that will show all months between the start date and end date with corresponding data. For example - start date 7/5/17 and end date 16/8/17, I would like to see a Pivot Table that has count as per below: May 1 June 1 July 1 August 1
Solved by I. J. in 18 mins
Hello I want a formula that will recognise a date in a cell to match to a range and then count products sold
Solved by B. B. in 18 mins
1. I need a visual basic script file to open excel and launch a workbook macro... while leaving excel open... 2. when I re-run the script it needs to get this same open workbook and run the macro current code EXECUTED AS A BASIC SCRIPT FROM PC-DMIS Sub main(strID As String) 'xl Declarations Dim xlApp As Object Dim xlWorkbooks As Object Dim xlWorkbook As Object Dim xlSheet As Object Dim xlSheetLast As Object Dim count As Integer 'pcdlrn declarations And Open ppg Dim App As Object Set App = CreateObject("PCDLRN.Application") Dim Part As Object Set Part = App.ActivePartProgram Dim Cmds As Object Set Cmds = Part.Commands Dim Cmd As Object Dim DCmd As Object Dim TCmd As Object Dim DcmdID As Object Dim DimID As String Dim fs As Object Dim ReportDim As String Dim CheckDim As String 'Check To see If results file exists FilePath = "C:\output\" Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") ResFileExists = fs.fileexists(FilePath & Part.partname & ".xlsM") If ResFileExists = False Then TempFilename = FILEPATH & "QTI MASTERFINAL-2017.XLSM" Else ' This is the PC-Dmis part name TempFilename = FilePath & Part.partname & ".xlsM" End If If TEMPFILENAME = FILEPATH & "QTI MASTERFINAL-2017.XLSM" Then Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") Set xlWorkbooks = xlapp.Workbooks Set xlWorkbook = xlWorkbooks.Open(TempFilename) Else ' HERE IS MY ERROR BELOW IF WORKBOOK IS OPEN Set xlApp = GETObject("Excel.Application") Set xlWorkbooks = xlapp.Workbooks Set xlWorkbook = xlWorkbooks.Get(TempFilename) End If XLAPP.VISIBLE = True 'SheetNum = 1 Set xlSheet = xlWorkbook.Worksheets("QTI STATSHEET") TEMPFILE & "!MAIN" Set xlSheet = Nothing SaveName = FilePath & Part.partname & ".xlsM" If ResFileExists = False Then xlWorkBook.SaveAs SaveName Else xlWorkBook.Save End If ' THIS STUFF NEEDS TO CHANGE TO LEAVE WORKBOOK OPEN BELOW xlWorkbook.Close Set xlWorkbook = Nothing xlWorkbooks.Close Set xlWorkbooks = Nothing xlApp.Quit Set xlApp = Nothing End Sub
Solved by E. F. in 15 mins
Im trying to count the number of entries in part of a column against particular rows?
Solved by I. E. in 20 mins