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Say I have 2 columns - Column A has numbers 1-10 and Column B ONLY has numbers 2,5,8, and 9. How do I highlight (or filter out) the Column A numbers that are NOT in Column B?
Solved by A. H. in 13 mins
Need a vlookup or any other way to transfer the data from source "data sheet" to "master sheet". Marked the column with yellow color to highlight the column where the data need to be reflected. I don't need the data with 100% match as sometimes "company name" is slightly different on both the sheet. But need the closest match for the data to ensure accuracy. hope I have explained it clearly
Solved by Z. Y. in 29 mins
Hi I need help in excel when we are using = & = function. When am using this function the cell should be locked and highlight in red and should not change the initial value
Solved by B. F. in 25 mins
Hello , I have 2 sheets contain different information. Sheet 1 has 400 lines with invoices number / total amount/ date and etc.. . Sheet 2 also has invoice invoice number and total amount but in difference order with Sheet 1. I am trying to make a formula that check both sheets if they have the same invoice number and total, then highlight that invoice number in sheet 1. For example, sheet 1 B1 is invoice number 166266 and c1 is total amount 500, if there is Sheet 2 has the similar invoice number and total amount with Sheet 1 then highlight B1 . Is that possible ?
Solved by G. U. in 18 mins
hello, i want to ask for help about excel. I want to match information from sheet 1 with sheet 2 than highlight it. for example. if information in column A or B in sheet2 match with information in column A in Sheet1 then highlight that value in sheet 1.
Solved by C. S. in 15 mins
Hi, Sheet 1 A column is invoice number and Sheet 2 column A&B are invoice number. I need a formula to check if the invoice number in column A&B in sheet 2 match with the invoice in sheet 1 column A, then highlight that cell ( contain the similar invoice, column A, sheet 1 ) . Please find attached file.
Solved by A. L. in 22 mins
With a list of names highlight a name that shows more than 4 times
Solved by G. H. in 29 mins
I am trying to write an IF formula that would do the following: If B2 is empty, and O2 is empty, highlight O2 until O2 is no longer empty
Solved by O. B. in 16 mins
Hi, I would like to pull in data into the “Total Country” Tab, from the “Topline tab”. The top line tab is split by channel e.g. Video, Brand and DR. In the Total Country tab I need it split by country – as displayed, highlight in Total Country tab. I am happy add in any additional lines or columns to make this work. I think it is a sum if formula which is needed
Solved by S. W. in 11 mins
I have a client contact list on sheet 1 and a client YTD sales list on sheet 2. I would like to highlight the customers sheet 1 that are the same as sheet 2 so that I can delete the non-highlighted customers.
Solved by F. Y. in 19 mins