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Hi I received a macro to highlight data points if I click on a point on a scatter shot from you guys but it doesn't work - could you please assist?
Solved by E. E. in 27 mins
There is something in this file in columns B and C that highlight two cells with the same information to avoid duplicates. It is also in column C because column C was recently inserted and apparently inherited something from column B. I want to turn this off.
Solved by B. B. in 27 mins
I have an inventory file. Tab 1 is master inventory. Worksheet 2 says walmart. I want to know what SKU numbers are in the WALMART tab but not in the master inventory worksheet. I would like to highlight every sku in Walmart (worksheet) but not in main inventory worksheet
Solved by T. E. in 17 mins
Hello, I am looking to highlight the cells that have text in them to highlight as red between the 1st through the 15th of every month, and then be green the 16th through last day of the month whether it be the 30th, 31st, or even 28th (depends on the month). I attached a sheet in which I was testing by highlighting all of the cells with text (the 1 of 8, 2 of 4, etc.) then clicking "Conditional Formatting" > "Highlight Cells Rules" > and then either Greater Than or Less Than for both red and green using the following formulas for each month: Less Than (Red): 2017-08-15 2017-09-15 2017-10-15 2017-11-15 2017-12-15 Greater Than (Green): 2017-08-15 2017-09-15 2017-10-15 2017-11-15 2017-12-15 I am not sure what I am doing wrong but when I did the formula and chose the colors for August, it seemed to work fine, being today's date would be within the right date range for the cells to highlight as green. I then removed the August formulas and replaced them with September formulas, it did not seem to work.
Solved by C. W. in 14 mins
I am trying to use a workday() function in a calendar, such as =workday and all it does is highlight the entire row instead of just the weekends. I would prefer to hide the weekends all together.
Solved by G. D. in 26 mins
How do I highlight an entire row based on the value of the first cell?
Solved by O. Y. in 30 mins
Hi, I have a Project Activity Sheet and summary linked to it. The summary is showing the variances of plan at different stages of the project. I want to create a formula which can highlight -- 1. The Planned Date if the Date of planned activity has not crossed yet. Or 2. "Status not updated" if the planned date is crossed but the status is not yet updated. Or 3. The variance in number of days between planned and actual activity date. I am unable to find the solution as the format of the cell will also be linked to the value as one outcome will require date format, another will be required either number or general format. please help.
Solved by Z. H. in 16 mins
so this is regarding a brief format that sales people need to fill up when they send a requirement to creative people. sales people normally are reluctant about filling this brief, so i want to create a formula where i can see how many cells have they typed something & highlighted - & to give a score of completion. so for example if there are total 10 cells to write something + 5 cells to highlight , the total score will be out of 15 & based on their ability to fill up they get a 8 out of 15 or 10 out of 15... so looking for a formula (=countif is what I got in google) or something that can be easy for me to do, needed it in an hour.. is it possible?
Solved by B. H. in 14 mins
i would like to apply conditional formatting in excel to my cells. i would like cells O2-O27 to highlight if they are greater than cells N2-N27. How can I do this?
Solved by B. F. in 28 mins
Hi just looking for some conditional formatting excel 2010 help. I am looking for a way to highlight red a range of cells if they do not contain a formula
Solved by B. H. in 20 mins