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Need a vlookup or any other way to transfer the data from source "data sheet" to "master sheet". Marked the column with yellow color to highlight the column where the data need to be reflected. I don't need the data with 100% match as sometimes "company name" is slightly different on both the sheet. But need the closest match for the data to ensure accuracy. hope I have explained it clearly
Solved by Z. Y. in 29 mins
I want to subtract a cell from a total as I change the color of the row.
Solved by V. U. in 29 mins
I will enter the stock symbols and when I click on the button it will fetch the historical stock data from excel only the closed data and there should be 2nd button to color the data in green (if close data is higher than previous date data )and in red (if the current day price is less than previous day price or equal to previous day price) as it's shown in the sheet. need two vab functions one to fetch data from yahoo for the given timeframe and stock symbol and 2nb vba function to color the data
Solved by D. S. in 20 mins
If any of the cells in the file are empty then the whole row should be highlighted in Red color
Solved by T. S. in 19 mins
I need to add colors in my vba file, if the current day prices high that previous day price than green, if less then red, if equal than copy the color of previous day
Solved by B. H. in 27 mins
I'm starting a spreadsheet to track t-shirts. I'd like to circulate this to the team I work with. They are putting in their first name, last name, size, color, and type. I want to be able to quickly see a table that summarizes the sizes (6 different size options), colors (4 color options), and type (2 types) - that way I can place an order easily. How do I do this?
Solved by O. E. in 23 mins
I have 2 excel tables, both with "user roles" going down in rows and "Dates" in column and in each cell in between reference data. How can i take these tables and have conditional formating if table 1 answers/match is greater than table 2 match then color green/red/yellow
Solved by G. H. in 15 mins
Hey - I'm working on a forecast in Excel 2013 and need to format it using font colors. I'm looking to make a macro that turns the font colors blue if you hard-code a number, green if you link from another spreadsheet, and black if it's a formula within a spreadsheet. Is this possible and, if so, how would I go about it? Thanks! Also, I'd like to avoid changing the color of any text.
Solved by E. W. in 19 mins
How to create a IF formula, if a date is 5 days old can I turn the row a color to let me know?
Solved by G. A. in 14 mins
I have a list of data with 6 digits followed by a dash and two letters (123456-AA) I want a conditional formatting that will color the cell if the first 6 digits match. I know how to use Left(cell #,6) to separate the digits. I also know how to format a regular full match. I just don't know how to combine them.
Solved by S. E. in 30 mins