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I need to do a lookup from the "Input" worksheet to get the Material Code and MOQ data from the "Material Database" worksheet using the COLOR CODE in column B of the "Input" worksheet.
Solved by I. B. in 29 mins
I have created a Gantt chart. I have a category column I have added conditional formatting to, to control the color based on my key. I want the horizontal duration bars in my chart to match the color formatting of the category associated with each task duration, but I can't figure out how to do it. I'm thinking it'll be based on a conditional formatting in excel formula but i'm not finding what I need online.
Solved by M. Q. in 26 mins
i need a formula that calculates a number and then conditional formatting that assigns a color
Solved by B. C. in 22 mins
Is there a formula to change the text (bold / color) of a cell, if the value in another cell is over a certain value? Kind of like an if-then statement in programming? On another note, is there a way to freeze the number in a cell that already has a formula in it, if another cell is over a certain number?
Solved by S. Y. in 20 mins
I’m trying to do a Vlookup formula to have column ‘Q’ – INITIAL Risk Level populate data I put into column “P” – Occurrence (Failure/Cause). So, Column P should pull in numbers 1-5 from the “Risk Tables” sheet, then, once I enter in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, the risk level should populate in column ‘Q’, with the appropriate color “yellow or red”. Similar to what’s happening in column ‘V’ and ‘X’. Please see if you can assist in this formula headache.
Solved by B. U. in 14 mins
how do search for text that is formatted white font color and change it to orange
Solved by D. A. in 29 mins
Part of the data table (B14:H27) has been set up for you. Particularly, C14 links to the initial loan term assumption D9 and cells D14:H14 are set based on the loan term decrement assumption D10; B15 links to the initial annual interest rate assumption B9 and cells B16:B27 are set based on the initial interest increment assumption B10. Please complete the Data Table set up to calculate the monthly payments (as positive numbers) at different interest rates (B15:B27) and loan terms (C14:H14). Note: the data table is designed to be flexible, i.e., it will update automatically for any changes in the loan assumptions A9:D10. Use Conditional Formatting to format C15:H27 such that all the monthly payments that are higher than the maximum allowable monthly payment in N5 are in red color.
Solved by S. L. in 19 mins
I have a macros running on an unprotected sheet and the macros won't run as an error pops up asking for me to unprotect all sheets before I can run micros, and all my comments color changes to back to black
Solved by S. C. in 29 mins
Copy the range A5:G5 and paste the data below the Big Data Analytics row. For the pasted data, change the start date to 6/25/2018 and the end date to 6/29/2018. Change the # of Corporate Attendees to 10 and the # of Education Attendees to 10. Merge and center the cells F3 and G3. Merge and center the range H3:J3. Apply Bold and Green font color to the range F3:J3. For the range A4:J4, apply the Good cell style, wrap text, and center horizontally. Insert a column to the right of the End Date column. Type # of Days in cell D4. In cell D5, enter a formula to calculate the number of days for the first workshop. Add 1 to the results to include the total number of days, including the start and end dates. Copy the formula to the range D6:D9. Apply Number format with zero decimal places to the range D5:D9. Increase indent three times for the range D5:D9. Delete the row containing the Adv. Project Management workshop. You canceled this workshop because only one person registered for it. In cell I5, enter a formula to calculate the gross corporate revenue for the first workshop by multiplying the cost per attendee by the number of corporate attendees. Copy the formula to the range I6:I8. In cell J5, enter a formula to calculate the gross education revenue by subtracting the education discount rate from 1, multiplying the result by the cost per attendee and multiplying by the number of education attendees. Copy the formula to the range J6:J8. In cell K5, enter a formula to add the Corporate Gross Revenue and the Education Gross Revenue. Copy the formula to the range K6:K8. Format the range F5:F8 with Percent Style. Format the ranges E5:E8, I5:K8 with Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places. Change the width of columns F, G, and H to 9. Apply Outside Borders to the range G5:H8. Apply Outside Borders to the range I5:K8. Select Landscape orientation. Set a 1.5-inch top margin and center the worksheet horizontally on the page. Change the scaling to 90%. Insert a footer with the text Exploring Series on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right side.
Solved by S. S. in 19 mins
Hello, i need to color coordinate my excel sheet
Solved by D. C. in 13 mins