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I would be interested in creating a rule in Excel that will change the color of a cell depending on what the value is of the two cells to the left of it. (For example change C1 if there is a character in either A1,B1, or both) The color that it must change to depend on the word typed in the cell that needs to be changed. (C1 having "Apple" in it would be a different color than C2 having "Orange" in it) How can I do this?
Solved by B. E. in 24 mins
Is there a way to pull the color information from a cell and display in columns marked Red Green Blue and Hex? I have a sheet where the cells are colored. I need to translate them into RGB without having to look the them up individually. In essence I need to pull the information in column A to populate columns C,D,E. I manually populated these columns in the uploaded sheet.
Solved by F. S. in 17 mins
Hi I am looking to pull a value from Summary sheet column C to a new tab ..the value i am trying to pull is in color Blue...? Is thr a formula to do so...
Solved by K. A. in 25 mins
I want to highlight cells as per increasing orders of values. Eg. if it has value 3 it should be green and 2 and 1 should be lighter shades of green. If I add 4 in the same column, then 4 should have color of 3. 3 should take color of 2, 2 should take color of 1 and 1 should be a shade lighter.
Solved by Z. E. in 26 mins
Some cells are formatting with color as stated in conditional formatting. Check cell B138. It should be green
Solved by M. J. in 14 mins
I have a worksheet that I am trying to write formulas in that will change other cells in the worksheet based on data in other cells. I would like to calculate due dates based on award type and proposed presentation dates. I would also like to change the color of letters in date due cell to red if received after due date. I am not sure this is the correct way ahead. =IF(OR(C2="LOM",C2="MSM",C2="ARCOM"),"F2+120","F2+90","F2+60"))
Solved by X. Q. in 14 mins
Can I use excel conditional formatting color to turn cells with a formula in it a different color?
Solved by T. J. in 27 mins
Hello, I will describe as best as possible. I have created a spreadsheet with different drop down options and I am attempting to make it where the cells will change color dependent on a different cells drop down being selected. I have the spreadsheet and would be happy to send it if that helps.
Solved by G. H. in 21 mins
I want to create a week schedule with the weekdays (Mo, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri) and I want to highlight the date of today, so for example in my week schedule, I would like that 'Fri' pops up in a different color, and tomorrow 'Sat' turns into another color. Is this possible?
Solved by E. Y. in 29 mins
I have conditional formatting color excel and now I need to count how many of a particular color are red. How do i do that?
Solved by D. L. in 30 mins