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How to Use Conditional Formatting to Change Cell Background Color Based on Cell Value not for only 1 cell but all the cells depending upon the cell value entered. for example I have four status as 1 )open 2) Resolved 3) Overdue 4) hold. I want the cell should change color as green if resolved and red as overdue and open as brown and hold as yellow.
Solved by V. Y. in 25 mins
Wanting to automatically generate a chart from sheet1 to sheet3 that sorts by group name AKA column 1 headings (EXAMPLE 1, EXAMPLE 2, EXTRA,) and organizes it by color green,blue,yellow, then red. *Notice* that color is based on Conditional Formatting tool and is order specific in order to give me the coloring scheme that is wanted. For now we will ignore sheet2. Thanks
Solved by B. B. in 21 mins
I want to know how to do excel copy Conditional formatting, but also the change the rule it applies to based on the cell it is in.
Solved by I. U. in 29 mins
I need a formula for a conditional formatting based on a percentage value in another column. I created a gantt chart, and I have a conditional formatting for cells based on the duration of the task, but I want to have a different formatting, based on the percentage of progress on it.
Solved by E. E. in 25 mins
I would like cells in Column A to highlight based on whether or not a cell in column G is highlighted. (Column G has conditional formatting applied based on a specific date)
Solved by F. Y. in 23 mins
I need help with conditional formatting in ms excel. I want to highlight and hide rows based on the value I. If I = 19 or higher, highlight row black with white text and hide the row
Solved by I. A. in 18 mins
i need to add cells based on conditional formatting of other cells
Solved by X. J. in 20 mins
. I have a spreadsheet that tracks the number of each one's Projects, and the percentage of those projects that have been completed. I have set up conditional formatting using the built in: "Format only cells that contain" and by using: "Between" and "Less Than" rules, that change color (Red, Yellow, Green), according to the percentages complete, as the year progresses and it is working perfectly. My objective is for the colors to change each month as the year progresses. I have formulas, (based on "Today" date), in cells under each month's column, that turns from "False" to "True" automatically, when we arrive at that month, Ideas?
Solved by C. S. in 29 mins
I need to prepare a simple sheet based on certain conditions. Functions like filters, if, ifonly,conditional formatting
Solved by B. D. in 19 mins
I need a formula in conditional formatting that will make a cell a certain color based on what table that value is being drawn from.
Solved by B. W. in 12 mins