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In the 20day journal sheet, i need help with identifying how much times i typed 'Y' for each heading on the losing journal sheet (example; FOMO = 10 (10 is the number of Y in the column on the sheet) and do this for the other columns as well Thanks
Solved by A. A. in 29 mins
need formula to multiple column content X constant # equals. With results in column. example: all entries in column 2 X constant # with results in column 3?
Solved by Z. Q. in 28 mins
I would like to be able have a warning placed if someone entered their name in the completion column out of sequence. For example in the "completed by" column of the spreadsheet, if the 3rd task on the list is completed it and noted before the second task is, i would like a warning to pop up stating something to the effect that You must was for the previous task to be completed. Thank you.
Solved by X. Q. in 27 mins
i put a formula in a cell i want it to repeat by filling it down in the column but it keeps repeating the sum of the original number instead of recalculating the new row of numbers???
Solved by C. J. in 22 mins
I am trying to get a column to calculate cost based on a number at the top of the column. So if someone enters a 1 at the top then it displays one thing, if they enter 2 it displays another, and 3 displays yet another.
Solved by C. D. in 20 mins
Need to isolate the manufacturer code in a new column, but the manufacturer codes are not always the same length.
Solved by V. C. in 18 mins
Column G has an x if a job was completed and is blank if the job is not completed. I want to get a percentage of jobs completed versus jobs that are not completed. However, I only want it to count a blank in Column G as a job if there is a name of a client in column A.
Solved by M. E. in 13 mins
I have attached an excel file for your reference. on sheet 1, column A is the raw data. I want the 4th digit from the right to be in column B. 2nd digit from the right in column C. 1st digit from the right in column D. I've manually done it for 5 rows, but i want to come up with a quicker way/formula to perform this task.
Solved by F. H. in 30 mins
I have a Master drawing list that I made in excel. I need to separate it into discipline lists so I can link it into AutoCAD. The problem is that when I insert a new row into the MasterList tab the new row doesn't appear in the Mech LIST tab. I tried Pivot Table but I couldn't get it to work. I just need Column A and B. The rest of the table will used for another list.
Solved by X. W. in 18 mins
I am using a sumif formula to Sum the quantity of products ordered between a specific date and time stamp. On the raw data tab, I want to sum Line Item Quantity (Column B), when two criteria are met: the LineItemSku = SF12OZMED, and the date ordered is between 5/17/2017 06:01:00 and 5/22/2017 06:00:00. I'd like the sum to be placed on the tab titled: SF - Fulfillment Manifest in cell F 3.
Solved by X. Y. in 27 mins