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how to drag the Brand field from the Choose fields to the Row Labels area to add the Brand field to the PivotTable
Solved by A. J. in 29 mins
I am trying to use home tab find and select go to special Blank cells and choose to fill all blank cells with the value above it. I got a no cells found error when I tried.
Solved by G. A. in 24 mins
Hello I'm trying to create a data validation for a particular column and i'm a bit stuck at a certain point. I have been reading your help section and it says to choose what we want allowed. I selected the option of date. but unfortunately the help section does not really describe what all the different data settings mean. I would just like for the person working on the document to be able to add any date they would like but i'm not sure what i'm supposed to select for data
Solved by I. F. in 22 mins
I have an excel sheet with drop down menus in column a and b. Dependent on what you select from column a (1,2,3,4), when you go to column b it then gives you sub options to choose based on your previous option. I used data validation for column a but I'm stuck on how to apply the sub filter
Solved by I. H. in 17 mins
I want to plot one or more series on the "Y" axis against a specific series on the "X" axis. I believe that I should use a "scatter" chart for that but I cannot find a way to choose the X axis that I want. If you can refer me to online help for this specific problem that will be OK
Solved by X. Y. in 18 mins
I need a formula that would choose one array to index if it matched one cell or choose another array to index if it matched another cell. Basically I am trying to get pricing out of an array for regular customers and preferred customers. The formula I would use if I was only choosing from one array would be =index(shipping, $P3,$N3) I want to reference the cells in column Q in order to then reference the correct shipping price array.
Solved by O. C. in 20 mins
I need to pull One Code(Text) from 4 available Codes(Texts, e.g. MOSC, MORE, SYFF, WAE22 etc.) based on following criteria: -If Code has "MO" in it choose the longest one without "MO" - Always choose the longest one
Solved by E. D. in 29 mins
Hello, I have the following problem: In one column I can choose the option "Y" or "N" (yes or no). If I choose "Y" I want column X to turn up with another list. If I choose "N" I want column X to turn up showing "N/A" without any other options (no list). Can you help me please
Solved by B. E. in 11 mins
how to calculate foreign exchange variance from historic and live rates choose or index match
Solved by S. A. in 13 mins
I need a formula to choose the "best option", and then choose the "next best option" for each location. Each location has multiple options which I've ranked. The data is aligned in rows matching the location. There are too many options to use nested IFs. The data is attached. The nested IFs I used in the "Optimized" formula return that data correctly, but to exclude the options I've already used in "Optimized" from the "alternate" results requires too many IFs. The ranking system is outlined on Tab 1.
Solved by S. S. in 20 mins