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I'd like to excel to create a normal distribution curve for the data shown in column C filtering Low and N from columns A and B only. I would like it to show mean and SD also
Solved by Z. J. in 24 mins
Hello, someone has sent me an excel file and in some cells all I see is ######. What does this mean?
Solved by Z. D. in 18 mins
Number of students in each group who have Mean SAS CAT4 score of 100 or more - Finding the count of students who has mean of 100 and above.
Solved by T. J. in 20 mins
Need help in finding the count of students with mean score greater than 100
Solved by X. W. in 17 mins
How do i answer the below question for the dataset attached; Using the data provided, please create a table in excel showing the Category 1 Mean Response time for each CCG area monthly. Using conditional formatting please highlight in red the response times that do not meet the C1 Mean Response Time standard. Underneath your table please also create a graph for each CCG area showing the monthly trend for Activity.
Solved by D. L. in 18 mins
I'd like to pull items in consecutive rows within a column into another sheet wherein the rows are separated by five rows. I can create an example in the spreadsheet provided here very quickly to demonstrate what I mean. I'm sure it involves a modulus formula. Can't get it working.
Solved by E. E. in 17 mins
I have understood that correlation means how closely a certain data set fits a straight line. This would mean that a parabola for example would have a very low R^2. But is doesn't! If you choose different trendlines, trying to find the function that best fits the data, it seems the R^2 indeed approaches 1 the better the points fits the chosen function, and that it doesn't measure linearity at all. Can you please explain this to me?
Solved by I. C. in 23 mins
Just did a Vlook Up & what does the it mean when the result is #Value! mean?
Solved by S. C. in 14 mins
I'm working on a grad school assignment using a MacBook Air, and the corresponding Excel program. In one question, I'm supposed to create a scenario pivottable and I've done that. However, part of the question instructs me to "Remove the Filter field from the PivotTable." What does this even mean? (I am currently on the sheet that says "Scenario PivotTable."Thanks in advance!
Solved by M. B. in 23 mins
What does formula omits adjacent cells mean on my formula?
Solved by K. J. in 13 mins