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Use Subtotal to calculate the average Selling Price, % of Asking Price and Days on Market by City
Solved by T. Q. in 30 mins
I'm trying to sum up figures into an average. I enter =average but Excel types #NAME? What does it mean? What I'm I doing wrong?
Solved by F. W. in 30 mins
Can you tell me how to have cell AH47 working out the average for the cells which have already started based on their start date in column "W"
Solved by A. D. in 14 mins
I'm having a problem with cell AH237 on the "Design CTR". It is meant to show an average % for all tasks which have started in accordance to the start date; however if highlight the cells within row AH between cells 137:236 for only the cells greater than 0 it gives you a result of 93%. This value is what I would expect to see in AH237 but it's showing 100%. The formula seems to work in the sections above, i.e. cells AH113 or AH91 or AH69
Solved by F. J. in 26 mins
A conditional function is used to calculate the average satisfaction of service for store 251. Results are formatted with the number format and 2 decimal places. A conditional function is used to calculate the number of survey responses in which restaurant 251 received a 2 or less in wait time and service. Results are formatted with the number format and 2 decimal places.
Solved by D. J. in 22 mins
Use average in excel formula to find the average salary by Location.
Solved by D. D. in 17 mins
I have 24 months of sales data and I want to calculate a order point for the items in my store. I have found out how to calculate order points for items that have data for all 24 months. We add new items regularly and if I use 24 months it contains zero's for months prior to date added. so it will calculate a lower order point because of the zero's. is there a way to count right to left and when I run into the first number return the number of cells that was just counted so I can calculate the average, standard deviation and z score for each item with less than 24 months sales data.
Solved by K. U. in 15 mins
I have been using pivot tables in excel and my spreadsheet consists of hundreds of inputs. My current issue is that after adjusting my inputs on the pivot table, I am trying to find the average(s) of all of this data, and some of the entries are showing as duplicates and not averaging together.
Solved by C. W. in 19 mins
I would like to have a rolling average process for my workbook. What I do is I have sheets with numerous columns and each column is dated. The data is collected and computed in another column called 60 day average. What I like to have one is a process where data is entered in a new column, excel can recognize data 60 days past each time a new column is used and computer a 60 day rolling average.
Solved by M. L. in 22 mins
I would like to be able to have a 60 day rolling average tabulated. Right ow my sheet has numerous columns of data and it need compute 60 day average. I need to have the 60 day average computed automatically rather than to have to delete the 61 day's data and be able to compute the average every time I enter a new day's data
Solved by C. H. in 17 mins