A No Code conversational AI solution can easily be added on to your existing analytics or service solution and business processes for data driven automation. You can delight external an internal customers AND improve productivity.

Customer Service Management

Our customers are able to deploy a virtual agent assistant to retrieve critical data such as the status of orders or invoices from enterprise databases. As the Adaptive Self-Learning solution gets to over 95% accuracy, they can extend Bertrand to be a self-service Virtual Assistant.

AI-Powered Service Desks

We go beyond FAQs and simple Knowledge bases. Bertrand can seamlessly merge information inside tickets with information inside back-end databases and automate. No need for agents to waste time going to multiple screens and collect relevant information in an error-prone process.

Augmented Analytics

Analytics queries are always in a “backlog” mode for business users. Whether it’s internal requests or customer requests to pull out analytics information, Bertrand acts as a Virtual Analyst and delivers historical and predictive results instantly.

Add Contextual Data based Automation to Customer Service Management Solutions

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