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Data protectionFiles in transit are encrypted using TLS and at rest using AES-256 bit which is used by U.S. government for top secret documents
Data privacyGot It detects and masks sensitive data to protect askers from accidentally leaking PII, PHI and financial information
Interactive chat messagingGet live help from experts with chat messaging. Get answers immediately - it’s just like Slack or texting!
Collaborative spreadsheetWork 1-on-1 with your expert on your spreadsheet. The collaborative sheet is always a copy of your original, so your original file is safe
30-second connection timeGet connected to an expert within 30 seconds after you post your question
Session extensionMinimum 20 minute chat session. Add another 20 minutes if you need. And another 20 minutes
Repost any timeIf you don’t seem to be getting the answers you need, just post again, and a different expert will be with you within 30 seconds

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Premium routing (same Expert for multiple sessions)
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Advanced data security for your files
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“Absolutely brilliant expert saved my Company time and money. I have 3 years experience working with excel, however, if it wasn't for the experience of this expert I would have wasted hours. I think this expert is a FANTASTIC programmer, fast, friendly, polite, hard working and truly skilled. Thank you so much for all of the help I remain in awe of Excelchat's Experts”
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