Beyond FAQs: Achieve breakthrough productivity, better deflection rates, and responsive, personalized customer experiences at lower costs

Conversational Customer Service

Our customers are able to deploy a virtual agent assistant to retrieve critical data such as the status of orders or invoices from enterprise databases. As the Adaptive Self-Learning solution gets to over 95% accuracy, they can extend our solution to be a fully automated self-service Virtual Agent.

Conversational Commerce

Engaging users to help understand and purchase products and services is non-trivial even for humans. But Conversational AI makes it easier. Because we make training your AI easy.

Conversational Service Desks

We go beyond FAQs and simple Knowledge bases. Got It can seamlessly merge information inside tickets with information inside back-end databases and automate. No need for agents to waste time going to multiple screens and collect relevant information in an error-prone process.

Conversational Analytics

Analytics queries are always in a “backlog” mode for business users. Whether it’s internal requests or customer requests to pull out analytics information, our product acts as a Virtual Analyst and delivers historical and predictive results instantly.

YOUR Low-code Conversational AI Solution

Customer Service Executive

Within a week or two you can transform your operation with the help of an IT analyst or

Service Desk IT Manager

You can add Conversational AI to your ticketing system in one day

Business Analyst/IT Developer

Create a Slackbot, or web app or add Conversational AI to add Q&A to any database

Solution Templates for Conversational Experience Management

Conversational Context
  • Go beyond standard FAQs.
  • With user credentials, leverage back-end data to provide personalized responses.
  • Set up a customized NLU model and data integration within one day.
Conversational Automation
  • Does every customer inquiry or request end up with a human?
  • Discover conversational flows that can be automated to reduce costs.
  • Set up a customized NLU model and selective automation within days.
Conversational Transformation
  • Want to route and increase productivity based on deep understanding of customer intent.
  • Discover and partition conversational flows and customer intent based on agent expertise.
  • Provide agents with a complete timeline of customer interactions on any channel.

On-demand Expert Services for Conversational CEM

You have a human in the loop and so do we: our on-demand Experts!

Expert Guided
  • In a single day session your team can set up your customized NLU model for your adding contextual responses in you operations using your back-end data & APIs.
  • Got It AI experts are available on-demand to guide you through the set up and the very little ongoing tuning you may need.
Expert Driven
  • In a two day session our Experts can triage and discover your conversational flows and set up your customized NLU model to automate your operations using any platform + workflow engine like Zendesk, ServiceNow, Salesforce.
  • On an on-going basis Experts are available on demand to help you with the very little ongoing tuning you may need.
Expert Partnership
  • In a one week session Got It can train your staff to be the Experts on discovery and triage of your CX flows, and automation, and customization of your own NLU model and how to integrate a platform and workflow engine.
  • Your team can own the human-in-the-loop customization. Experts are available to help when needed.

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