Sales & Marketing

Truly enable your Sales & Marketing team with on-demand data improves the productivity of your sales team with a database-powered AI chatbot. They'll spend less time making reports and more time closing deals.

A pile of rarely used custom reports? A backlog of data requests? Salespeople are not analysts; they're Salespeople.

Build an AI chatbot that can get them the data they need, but speak in the language that your team uses. Human natural language, not SQL (or SOQL).


Integrates directly with your database or CRM

Connect to the tables or databases that you elect. Our natural language model seamlessly converts words to database requests.

Admin-approved Queries

Our workflow enables you to configure queries to be automatically approved or routed to an analyst for review.

Easy to Setup and Maintain

With our process, you can be up and running within a week. Our Self-learning system automatically adapts to your changing schema.


Megan from Sales works for a Startup company. The marketing team has launched a new website that is expected to generate more sales leads.
Megan is always prepared to get on a meeting call with her customers, and to have her best game on requires a snapshot of the Sales & Marketing funnel.

Challenge: Combine Sales and Marketing data in real-time, optimize their promotional activities, and create a comprehensive overview of the customer lifecycle.

With Got It: Megan quickly asks her Google Voice Assitant how the new website is doing to get instant answers without losing golden time with her leads.

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