Enhance Customer Satisfaction when you are ready with AI-assisted insights to guide them revamps your customer interaction with a database powered AI chatbot. Increase your customer engagement with an instant answer and zero response time.
Poorly designed CRM causing slower response rates? Our chatbot directly integrates with your database to handle all your customer queries within seconds.
Our AI chatbot manages all your incoming tickets by either solving them or routing them to the relevant agent based on its complexity.


No more writing complex joins

Data for customer service spread out all over the place? Our natural language model hides the complexity of joins.

Admin-approved Queries

Customize the level of database access for your different roles. Route unusual requests to an admin.

Easy to Setup and Maintain

With our process, you can be up and running within a week. Our Self-learning system automatically adapts to your changing schema.


Delivering Zero Customer response time 24/7 is challenging for a growing company, especially if it is all human-based.

With Got It: Your customers get instant responses that are accurate and personalized, around the clock. Adding an NLP Chatbot to your CRM database will not improve customer retention but will save hours for your agents to work on more complex requests.

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