Business Intelligence

Begin a Self Service BI culture by adding AI Assistant to your team eliminates bottlenecks that arise from increasing data requests. With our database-powered AI, all your employees can generate necessary reports & dashboards and address urgent issues immediately.

Give your employees the power of a thousand analysts in their hands.

Save your Analysts from repetitive questions to boost job satisfaction and reduce attrition. Free them to prioritize high-value conversations that genuinely require a human touch.


Works on any database schema

Use our natural language and SQL models on almost any schema. A data warehouse? Star schema? OLTP? It just works.

Admin-approved Queries

Our workflow enables you to configure queries to be automatically approved or routed to an analyst for review.

Easy to Setup and Maintain

With our process, you can be up and running within a week. Our Self-learning system automatically adapts to your changing schema.


Parker is a Data-Analyst at mid-size Retail company. Parker is regularly overburdened with requests from each department of the company. When you add the additional tasks he needs to handle, he is overpowered with a shortage of time and efficiency.

Challenge: Allow business users across the company to retrieve data and derive insights while creating their reports, without the need to wait for the BI department for hours, even days.

With Got It: Parker approves who can access the Self-Service BI platform and focuses on delivering complex reporting needs - on time!

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