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Got It Discover and Got It Automate work seamlessly together

Got It AI
You no longer have to trade off speed and ease of deployment vs automation of more sophisticated conversations than rigid, simple templates and flows.

Got It AI: Product highlights

Got It Discover
Automatic discovery of Intents, Responses, Paraphrases and automatically built Flexible Flows
Auto trained NLU, Dialog Manager, NLG, and auto updates with newly discovered user journeys to keep deflection rates high
Got It Automate
Auto detecting multilingual even given only a single language conversation log
Omnichannel single bot for voice and chat
Recommended industry specific bot configurations
Automation analytics to drive improvements
Improvement with Re-training recommendations

Got It Discover

Conversational Intelligence models analyze historical logs and build your flows for you

FeaturesBenefitGot It AI Differentiator
  • PII anonymized before discovery
  • Eliminates manual effort for training the language models for conversational bot
  • AutoTopics
  • AutoIntents
  • AutoResponses
  • AutoPhrases
  • Eliminates the manual effort in creating flows or the conversational bot
  • All possible paths found
  • Flexible, not rigid flows
  • Sub-stories insides flows
Conversational Analytics
  • Understand user journeys, sentiment and what to automate
  • Sentiment by Topic
  • Leverage existing FAQ chatbot investment and add sophisticated user journeys
  • Standards base: JSON output
  • Continuous discovery
Got It AI’s patent applied approach to autonomous creation of your virtual agent eliminates a massive amount of tedious manual work

Got It Automate

No Code Configuration and Dialog Manager

Got It Automate
FeaturesBenefitGot It AI Differentiator
Visualization of AutoFlows and Stories
  • Customer does minimal review and approval within a day
  • Discovered AutoFlows, AutoIntents and AutoPhrases
  • Flows are fluid and dynamic, allowing users to switch intents easily
Multi-lingual, customer controlled NLU & NLG
  • Multi-lingual is built in
  • Updates to NLU are fast
  • Customer specific NLU & NLG trained automatically on discovered AutoIntents and AutoPhrases.
  • Multi-lingual support within one single BERT model
  • No code training controlled by the customer
No code Action Server Configuration
  • Minimize cognitive load of setting up
  • Excel like language for context carryover helps better action prediction
  • No Code, Any data/API, Access Control flow
  • Back-end API calls with pre-packaged connectors
  • Proprietary APIs and queries can be configured
Model-based Dialog Manager (DM)
  • Dialog Manager can make dynamic next step prediction for natural flows
  • Higher coverage of user journeys
  • Automatic next step prediction model so bot responds just like humans.
  • Context saved from NLU and Action Server
Active learning
  • Automatic re-training of NLU, NLG and Dialog Manager
  • AutoUpdate of Stories and Flows on agent hand-offs and when new flow or path is exercised by a user
Dual Mode Assistive AI
  • Threshold based alerts for Supervisors
  • Alerts on new user journeys
  • Bot can operate completely autonomously, or hand over context and user to service staff, who can seamlessly continue the conversation
Automation Insights
  • Real time insights on new user journeys lead to real time updates
  • CSAT and sentiment analysis integrated with deflection rates
Got It Automate is a sophisticated model based system that predicts responses as well as actions a virtual agent should take. Service staff can override it if a certain response doesn’t meet a confidence threshold.

Got It AI Integrations

A growing list of pre-packaged capabilities to make ROI even faster

Integration TypeSupportedGot It AI DifferentiatorOthers
  • Voice
  • Email
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Single bot
  • Multi-Intent capable
  • Multiple bots if email included
  • No multi-Intent
API Connectors
  • Zendesk Sunshine
  • Zendesk Ticketing
  • Salesforce CRM
  • No code logic around context variables retrieved from APIs
  • Requires coding to do real logic
  • Google BigQuery
  • IDSF Model for Slot filling with database values into context variables
  • No IDSF model to automatically filling context variables from a DB
Bot Templates
  • B2C E-Commerce
  • Online Banking
  • B2C Subscriptions
  • Customer can start with Self-Discovery or
  • Bot Template
  • Bot Templates only

Almost no manual work! Take Got It AI for a self-driving spin and build a sophisticated bot in no time, with a click and approve wizard.

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