The first Conversational AI that understands Databases

Product Features: Bertrand and Bertrand Pro

 Dialog ManagersTTYD FreeTTYD Pro
Intent Phrases/Training
Support Any Dialog Manager 
Native DB connection 
DB Schema Decoder (SaaS) 
Star Schema or OLTP 
Zero Code Intent Mapping to Simple SQL Queries (SaaS)Custom Fulfillment CodingSELECT * FROM table_name
Exact Match Intent Phrases with autocomplete suggestions 
Results displayed in chat UI or spreadsheet  
Zero Code Intent Mapping to ANY SQL Queries (AI Model)Custom Fulfillment Coding 
Results displayed in BI tool  
Automated Discovery and Addition of New Intents (AI Model)  
Custom AI Model Training Service  

Lower your Costs, Increase your Speed

Consumption-based Pricing
Leverage your existing SaaS licenses
 Got-It.aiTraditional Analytics
PricingBased on Number of Queries
Unlimited Users
Based on Number of Users
Leverage your Existing User LicensesSlack, Teams, Tableau, Looker, Power BIVendor specific licensing
Lower your CostsSame Business & Data
Analysts 10X efficiency
Hire more business and data analysts

For most vendors, Conversational AI is an afterthought

Got It is the only provider that can provide

Control over data & data security

Flexible customization & integration with existing systems

Access to latest Conversational AI research

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