Product Beta Availability: Dec 2019
Features & Benefits
User InterfaceFeatureBenefit for UserGot ItOthers
Chat Interface to data in a database or spreadsheetSlackbot, Teamsbot (Coming soon), Voice in 2020Simple, Easy, AutomatedComplex UX/UI, Disjointed
Natural LanguageFull Natural Language on entire schemaSelf serve, Unified approach to all your dataDrag and Drop, Search keywords, Only pre-thought questions
Users, Questions, ResultsFeatureBenefit for Biz Analyst Others
User WorkflowAuto approve power usersMinimize workload on AnalystsNo AI based workflow
Results & VisualizationAny tool, & Excel, Google SheetsNo change to your tooling necessaryVendor specific
De-duplication of QuestionsQuestion BankCollective Insight 
Access to DataData Set LevelArchitected for Access Control at next levelRow Level
Schema & AI MgmtGot It FeatureBenefit for Data Analyst Others
Schemas SupportedOLTP on Slave DBsNo ETL needed.OLTP & SW
Data Sources SupportedMySQL, GBQ, Excel Sheets, GoogleUnified approach to ALL your dataMix of Databases
SQL GenerationAny Query on-DemandNo Pre-thinking of what users might askPre-defined queries
Our On-Demand Data Expert Services
Real User Questions help build Pre-Training Data for our AI models