TrueNLP™ Platform: Built by experts from Amazon Alexa, Microsoft, Google, Oracle

Pre-trained Conversational AI Models

Our NLP experts take pre-trained Large Scale Language Models such as BERT and GPT-3 and train and optimize them specifically for Conversational AI so you don’t have to.

Self Discovery

Taking conversational logs from emails, chat sessions or voice calls and turning them into discovered Intents, Responses and Flows leverages proprietary generative models and techniques

Self Training & Maintaining

Initial recommendations on which discovered lows to automate, and continued recommendations on new flows that emerge in operations help auto train your AI.

Pre-Trained Conversational AI models

Pre-trained Large Scale Language Models such as BERT and GPT-3 have taken the NLP community and applications by storm. However, using these models directly in Conversational AI applications is challenging and not straightforward, as it involves training or fine-tuning individual models per Conversational AI module (e.g. ASR, NLU, DM, NLG) per application.

At Got It AI, we have taken Transfer Learning to the next level by building Pre-trained Conversational AI Models which get fine-tuned with customer data through our patent pending Self-Discovery, Self-Training and Self-Managing process.

Self Discovery

Got It AI’s approach of discovering intelligence from historical conversational logs or support tickets to automatically suggest flows, intents, responses, paraphrases is what makes Conversational AI easier to deploy and manage.

A proprietary suite of NLP models fine tuned on the fly for each customer’s business are the secret sauce behind the magic of Got It Discover. That’s the power of TrueNLP™.

Self Training and Self Maintenance

Got It AI’s Self Training and Self Maintaining approach recommends when to “upgrade” your bot with new flows and intents on an ongoing basis.

TrueNLP™models make it much easier to maintain your flows and your update them as needed, vs manual and confusing and error prone approaches.

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