79% of AI work is about Data

Our on-demand Expert services for
databases and spreadsheets

Expert labeled commercial grade training data vs Tech Support systems

User-Expert Chat Session for product features

“I’m here to help you with features in the product. Let’s start with…”

Tech Support

“It’s not a bug. That’s a feature. I’m sorry, we don’t support feature usage. Please check our blogs.”

Management of Experts

On-Demand & Enterprise class vs Crowdsourcing

Domains our Experts cover today

Anonymized user data used to teach BERT domain specific vocabularies

Excel & Google Sheets

How we get labeled data
Formulas, Vlookups, Pivots
Free on-demand expert help


How we get labeled data
Query construction, debugging
Coming soon

Google BigQuery

How we get labeled data
Columnar data warehouse queries
Coming soon
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