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Students and administrators
love using StudyTutor

Educational Talent Search Program Administrator,
University of Arkansas
"Before or after school tutoring presents transportation issues and often conflicts with students participating in athletics or working jobs. In addition, many of our schools already offer tutoring before, during, or after school, making placing a live tutor unnecessary and difficult to recruit enough qualified tutors in multiple subject areas. StudyTutor has provided our students with exactly what then need when they need it."
High School Student,
Advanced Math
"I wish I had this app a year ago! You take a picture of your math problem and then a real person solves it step-by-step for you. You can ask questions where you're confused. It's amazing."
First Generation College Student
"I have been using StudyTutor for a month, and I love it! Since StudyTutor, my average score in math went from a 76 to a 90. You guys are amazing!"
Upward Bound Program Administrator,
University of Arkansas
"StudyTutor is the future of tutoring. The convenience that it offers both our students and our administrators is unparalleled. We have students from 8 different schools, so giving students access to tutoring help has always been a challenge. With StudyTutor, our students have access to professional tutoring within seconds - whenever they need it most - all for a reasonable price. It is one of those apps where once you use it, it will be hard to imagine life without it."

Commonly asked questions
about StudyTutor

1. How many sessions do typical students use?

Our average student use is approximately 11 sessions / semester - we have some students that use StudyTutor more than 100 times in a semester!

2. How many admin accounts can I have for a school account?

You can add unlimited number of admin accounts so that your team has the opportunity to track student usage data.

3. Are our students able to use your tutoring services on their computers or is it just an app?

Your students can use on both their computers and mobiles.

4. Do I pay for students who don’t use the service?

Our pricing structure covers all students that you choose to upload - whether they choose to use it or not. Just like a traditional tutoring environment, some students use the service more than others. We want to help provide coverage for all of your students, then provide you with resources to encourage their usage. You can also always change your plan to fit the best with the number of students you want to provide the tutoring service with.