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Snap or upload a photo.
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Get the Right Solution.
Snap or upload a photo.
Instantly connect.
Get the Right Solution.
“Got It has been a great compliment to our traditional face-to-face tutoring program. Our Upward Bound students love the convenience of using the app and being able to get immediate help whenever they need it. This is the future of tutoring, and I now can’t imagine our program without it.”
Director of Upward Bound Programs / University of Arkansas
“I wish I had this app a year ago! You take a picture of your math problem and then a real person solves it step-by-step for you. You can ask questions where you're confused. It's freaking amazing.”
Advanced Math / High School Student
“I have been using PhotoStudy for a month, and I love it! Since PhotoStudy, my average score in math went from a 76 to a 90. You guys are amazing!”
First Generation College Student
“The “Got It” team is remarkable! From the CEO, to the operations and design teams, they have been diligent in their efforts to design a quality product for TRiO. I have been truly impressed with their commitment to the success of our students and programs. Their partnership and desire to meet our needs has been second to none.”
Upward Bound Program Administrator / University of Arkansas

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