A Paradigm Shift in Conversation AI Platforms
Self-Discovery, Self-Training, Self-Optimization

Eliminate Manual Set-up, Training, Coding for Service Desks and Contact Centers With Next-Generation
Conversational AI Platform Powered by Transformers such as BERT and GPT-3


Context and data driven self-service conversations, enabled by a self-managing Cloud-based AI platform fine tuned for your business.

Empower your existing Chat Solution to go beyond
Simple Conversations: DialogFlow, PowerAgents, Lex,
Rasa, Watson, Slack, Teams, Chat widgets, Dashboards

Pull Data using an Automated AI Assistant

Set up AI assistants that can be embedded into Analytics portals, CRM desks and Service Desks so Can be brought in from an API or database to increase productivity dramatically.

Push Data into Multi-turn Conversations

Improve deflection rates and lower costs by automating not just repetitive tasks but complex tasks as well. Only sensitive tasks should require agent assistance.

Beyond No-Code: Self-Discovery, Self-Training, Self-Optimization

A Transformers based AI model Self-discovers all conversation topics and intents and organizes them for you to approve.
A Transformers based AI model Self-trains on all approved conversations and generates the code for back-end integrations.
A Transformers based AI model Self-optimizes to achieve higher and higher levels of automation.

Technology built by Experts in Deep Learning, Enterprise and Data Management

Transformers based NLU, Dialog Management, and NLG

We work with state-of-the-art proprietary transformer models powered by Google Research and OpenAI based BERT and GPT-3 and fine-tune them for CEM so you don’t have to.

No-Code Platform

For true self-service, our NLU and Dialog Manager models understand full conversations and connect to your back-end data and APIs automatically.

Multi-Cloud Architecture for Data Privacy

Cloud based AI models work seamlessly with on-premise or Vitural Private Cloud databases so data never leaves the “premise”.

Open for Partnership with World-Class Organizations Looking to Drive Digital Transformation for their Clients